Apprenticeship Scholarship Support

The Apprenticeship Scholarship provides financial support to individuals who require upgrading to meet the academic eligibility requirements for apprenticeship training in their chosen trade. There are a number of benefits to individuals to participate in a registered apprentice program:

Benefits to Participant:

  • Participating in an apprenticeship program ensures you are trained to provincial standards
  • Participation allows you to benefit from government supported in class training
  • Completing a registered apprenticeship provides you with employment opportunities for your career in high demand skilled trades

Eligibility Requirements:

To qualify for an apprenticeship scholarship, the individual must:

  • Demonstrate an interest in the skilled trades/apprenticeship
  • Be unable to meet the academic eligibility requirement for the trade in which they wish to register as an apprentice
  • Be committed to meeting the necessary academic requirements for their chosen apprenticeship program within one year

Apprenticeship Scholarships are awarded to individuals through two payments:

  • An initial $500 payment when the individual is registered for upgrading
  • A final $500 payment when the individual has successfully completed upgrading, is employed and has a registered apprenticeship training agreement or contract the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development